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MeI’m a lover of color and a firm believer that anyone can change his or her life just by painting his or her world a different color.

Did you know that evidence from studies has revealed that color affects our emotions? Even the ancient Egyptians and ancient Greeks used color therapy in their healing temples.

Feng shui principles also rely on colors to achieve harmony, prosperity, and good health.

You Can Change Your Life By Changing the Colors That Surround You

A few years ago, I was forced leave a job. I thought I was going to have that job until I retired, so I felt frozen with fright. I worried about our house payment and imagined living out on the street with my dog. I moped around my house for a few weeks just swimming in self-pity. My mother who lives with me kept saying, “You need to snap out of this mood you’re in.”

Finally, I started to pull myself out of my hole. I started by researching the power of feng shui and the effect that color has on people.

I painted the main walls inside my home light purple. I chose light purple because it’s an energizing, healing color, and I needed to get out of a funk. I didn’t use a vibrant purple because many feng shui experts believe too much purple is not good for harmony and health. Soon after I painted a few of my walls purple, I found another job that I loved. I still work for the same company today.

Purple is for Prosperity

It was hard convincing my husband to let me paint the main areas of our house purple, but soon after we changed the color scheme, we got our house refinanced with a low interest fully amortized loan. I told him it was the luck of prosperous purple.

Red Paint with Grout TableRed is for Confidence, Passion, and Relationships

I haven’t painted everything purple because different colors work well for different things. For example, I like using strong, vibrant reds in our living room.

Red is the color for passion and love. It brings vitality to relationships. People hang out in the living room and talk. The color red helps make people feel comfortable and safe together.

DIY Painting Furniture

I’m taking my love of painting and covering many of the pieces of furniture in my home with new colors.

Through lots of perusing around on the Web, I’ve found lots of different DIY paint recipes for painting furniture without too much preparation, like sanding and priming.

I’ve painted several things so far using different recipes in paint including Plaster of Paris, grout, Elmer’s Glue, and even baking soda.

Painted Piano

Painted White PianoThe first thing I painted was an upright piano. I used Plaster of Paris and white interior enamel paint from Home Depot. I had to paint the piano three times to get the desired white solid effect I wanted but it turned out looking beautiful.

The only issue I had was the paint not sticking to the piano as well as I would have liked. I decided it’s okay for now because hardly anyone touches the piano; however, I do plan on repainting it again in the future with white paint and grout instead of Plaster of Paris.

The mixture of grout and paint I’ve been using on other pieces of furniture has turned out well even with lots of little fingers in my house.

DIY Painting

Anyway, I love to paint, and I’m on an epic furniture painting journey ever since I discovered it can be done quickly and easily just by adding grout or other substances to regular paint. I’m even planning on painting a couch.

Painting Furniture

There are chalk paints on the market for use on furniture and yes they work well, but these paints are fairly expensive. So, if you want to learn how to paint furniture easily and inexpensively, follow me on my epic furniture painting journey.

Before Pics of Table and Piano

Brown Table before pic

Brown Piano Before Pic


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